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The town of Greenwell was about to experience a shift in healthcare. When two, well-respected country doctors suggested to the town elite that there was a need for a hospital in order to care for patients beyond the scope of their modest clinic, a golden opportunity was recognized. The Founders, as they came to be known, quickly went to work planning and politicking, recruiting the best, brightest and most shrewd of partners to make the hospital dream become a reality.

The story of Orwell’s Hospital takes the reader on a fictitious journey with very real consequences. Experience the ups and downs of the healthcare timeline as our characters, each with different intentions and motives, set about to mold the medical industry into their own image.

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“A Tale of Two Farms” is a story about two adjacent farms in the Town of Greenwell, both growing organic crops and healthy animals, who enter their top pigs at the yearly town fair. When one farm’s animals keeps winning the coveted 1st Prize, the other farm changes the diet of the animals to the brand new scientifically produced “Hungry Animal” brand that boasts as its secret ingredient the “White Glitter”. When that farm’s pig suddenly starts to win, a golden opportunity is recognized by the local entrepreneurs, owners of the new animal food, to partner up and expand to various businesses including a fast food chain, a soda company and a government subsidized refinery.

“A Tale of Two Farms” is s fable that takes the reader on a metaphorical journey over the very real consequences of the changing landscape in the way we have come to eat over the last 100 years with the all too often catastrophic impact on our health.

Experience the different motivations of the various characters and single handed stubbornness by one farm and it’s animals to remain true to the father of modern organic agriculture!

This story provides young parents a fun and great opportunity to teach their children about nutrition!

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About the Author

Dr. Fred Maese is a medical doctor practicing Internal Medicine and Cardiology in Dallas, TX. He has a passion for preventive medicine and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Fred, as he is known, has studied the different healthcare models in the industrialized world with the goal of implementing strategies and systems to improve our own. With more than 20 years of professional experience, including television and radio shows, Dr. Fred has come to understand the subtle nuances needed to make a difference in people’s lives as well as inspire others to do the same. Dr. Fred has 4 children and lives in Dallas, TX. In the fictional Orwell’s Hospital, he brings to life a town’s changing medical system that all too often neglects the ones it is intended to care for.

Animal Farm
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